About Genie

"It is by will alone"

Dr. Genie Markwell

Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Certified Healer, Teacher & Guide, Kabbalist, Certified King Salomon Healing Practitioner & Magus Hermeticus

Hello, I am Genie; Guide, Teacher and Healer in the lineage of King Salomon with Illume Innate. Being an empath and working with thousands of people around healing, I have seen and felt suffering. It is all around us and becoming more evident with current events. In acknowledgment that change comes through action, I am deeply driven to effect change by my commitment to elevate the human experience through sharing tools and resources toward empowering individuals to consciously create a reality that serves them.

With my background as a primary care provider, I have seen firsthand the short-comings of our "healthcare" system in regard to anxiety, apathy, chronic pain, trauma, sensory disorders, unexplained illness or stuck patterns in life. Though medicine can play an important role, it typically addresses only symptoms. It has been my experience that all dysfunction arises from trauma - either physical, chemical or emotional. By getting to the root cause of the trauma and removing the interference, your innate ability to heal is ignited.

At Illume Innate our unique weaving of modern vitalistic science and ancient lineage teachings, has proven successful with clearing blockages physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually creating space for healing, growth and joy.

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